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We build websites and apps so you can focus on building your business

Most software consultancies don't understand startups. We do.

Everything we do is geared towards building software for people with new ideas.

  • You've got a business idea that needs a website or app, but you're not a computer geek.
  • You don't want to commit to a CTO and give away some ownership of your company.
  • You don't want to outsource the software behind your business to some tech people who don't understand it.
  • You need someone who can guide and develop the technology side of your business.
  • You want someone to help you validate your ideas while they're still being built.
  • You can't afford all the overheads and slow processes of a traditional software company.
  • You want software so reliable that you can build a business around it.
  • We are a software consultancy that works with startups. We get right to the core of your business idea, and develop the software needed for that.
  • We work to help you validate your business and earn money as quickly as possible.
Past Clients

Minimising your risk

When you're starting a new venture, you don't have all the answers.
  • Who is my typical customer?
  • What is the core feature that my customers are willing to pay for?
  • What is my business model?
  • What should my product or service look like?
  • How many customers will I have?
  • How much will each customer pay me?
Whether you're an individual trying out a new idea, a team backed by investors, or an existing company taking on a new venture, all entrepreneurs face risk. Risk that your idea isn't possible, risk that people won't use it or risk that people won't be willing to pay for it.

Our process is designed with startups in mind

  • First, we'll meet with you once or twice to discuss your idea, how it can become a profitable business, and what software you need. We're based in London, so normally meet clients there.
  • We'll work out how to split the development of both the technology and the business into several short phases. Working in phases means we can tweak the development as we go, in response to what happens with the first phases.
  • After this meeting we'll put together a specification for you and a quote for each phase.
  • Once you're happy with the plan, we'll start work.
  • While we're working, you'll frequently be able to review the work that's been done so far, so you can keep re-assessing how it fits with your business.


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Sanjana Deb founder of FreelanceBrains
I would highly recommend them to any other early-stage business or startup. They used their breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to help me refine my business ideas into a viable product. They provided sound advice on the design and specifications and quickly responded to my questions, of which there were many. They talk in clear English rather than technical jargon so I always knew what was going on and understood technical decisions. I am very happy with the end result and because of their competent execution, I am able to focus on my business rather than on the technology.
I have been working with Hywel for a few months now, and he has not only been a complete joy to work with, but he has dramatically accelerated the pace of development, allowing us to progress (tech & business dev.) in tandem towards a feasible launch date. Hywel is able to translate my high-level and sometimes abstract reasoning into something tangible and actionable, showing a clear and very important ability to both work with and digest the thoughts/wants of non-technical business people. Before working with Hywel, I was outsourcing my dev. work to a team of individuals who collectively accomplished a fraction of what Hywel and I have been able to do together, in a much shorter period of time. My only regret is not discovering him earlier.
Lucy Stonehill founder of Stonehill Educational Consultants

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